Sunday, April 03, 2005

lovely fractals

Every now and then I get back on doing very stupid things for no reasons at all. The two last weekends it was trying to code an animated mandelbrot zoomer in assembler using no more than 256 bytes (failing miserably, so far I'm around 600 bytes and I want still to add something). Do I have useful and interesting stuff to do instead of just exercising on pointless code snippets ? Plenty indeed ... but somehow I need to waste time on something completely different.

Probably it's because of all the bad stinking strings attached to the nice stuff I'm asked to do for a living.

Last Friday it was like hell ... guys from the marketing running demos with important customers without trying the machine first. Net result was everyone running around in circles screaming about why things were not working nicely (and, of course, it was something absolutely stupid). Meanwhile the Novell server disk got full right in the middle of some accounting operation... we got corrupted indices and the like so I had to recover from the nightly backup. And as the last Friday drop was the a switch in our LAN that at around 7 pm decided to stop working... which one ? the one in the servers room, of course, so I was forced to replace it immediately because otherwise it was going to be a problem for the night backup jobs.

I've still a couple of hours... may be I'll add antialiasing to my mandelbrot zoomer...


Davide Pasca said...

And when do we get to see these fractals ? Don't tell me you don't have enough space/bandwidth to distribute the program 8P

6502 said...

I finally update my homepage to add a link to this blog and I've also added the mandelbrot toy in the demo section.
By the way I was also around in #italia and dropped it there... but there was no one around but nharris that went just "letzee"

Davide Pasca said...

I think I was sleeping at the time. I think, it's reasonable to allow one to sleep from 2am to 8:40am 8)
As you already know, it takes two idlers to be able to talk on IRC 8P

Also, would have been nice if you posted the direct link to the page where one can download the actual program. I could find it (nice !) but not placing an hyperlink is unfair.

6502 said...

I fixed that... now in the main article there is a direct link to the file. I've to find a way to write small assembler stuff under win32 ... dos mode 13 looks kinda ... hmmm ... antique :-)

Davide Pasca said...

Yes, indeed. Mode 13 on a 17 inches LCD monitor doesn't look so good. Also, I was hoping for a broader color palette, but the demo seems to stick to green and blue.. ..get busy !!
BTW, I noticed great difference in speed between the P3 1GHz GeforceMX2 at work and the Athlon 2200+ ATI AWP 9700 at home.