Saturday, March 26, 2005

looking for a tunnel

It's sad to see someone in real big trouble... and it's even worse when you can't think anything that could help. I saw the owner of an local small industry related to shoe production that was terribly afraid of current situation. China is biting big chews on market shares with prices that are just impossible to match; even if someone babbles that quality is not very good that would be anyway just a temporary mitigating factor: I can't think they're all stupid and will not be able to catch on if they're really behind. And even if now there's clearly a form of dumping (you can see here prices that are absolutely unreal even considering their tiny monthly salaries) IMO this is isn't the key issue because their "real" prices would be just as impossible to match even without the currency tricks that are apparently being played by their government.
Also I don't think that having laws for protecting our market is a viable option. To me all this means there's no light at the end of the tunnel for a shoemaker here ... ours shoemakers are all closing because this is the Right Thing for the world. Better looking for another tunnel... this one goes nowhere.

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