Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ok... let's go

The final beta test phase of the online chess playing site I developed just started and, thanx to some incredible work of word spreading, we've 100+ players that registered for this phase.
The site is and it has been implemented in Python (server side and tools) and haXe with flash 8 code generation for the interface.
It supports playing, analysis rooms, voice chat, 2d or 3d board, custom colors, personal infos with picture uploading and more...

So far the response has been quite good, bugs are not that many and who entered got a very good impression. Also all of the ones I've been talking to agree with me that playing with someone with a certified identity is WAY better than playing an anonymous nickname.
My hope is that the certified identity will help people behave more socially and also will allow me to ban for good who for example can't avoid insulting the opponent.

We'll see...