Sunday, September 18, 2005

music time

I decided to refresh a bit the who-am-I section in my homepage and even added a first recording from my piano to it. The recording is supposed to be Chopin waltz op 64/2, and excluding a few evident absences it should have almost all notes in it and the extra ones shouldn't be that many.
Once the notes are ok I'll try to work on the playing :-))

the world is not so bad

When coming back from my vacation I lost my wallet on the train; I'm not sure if it fell in the crowded aisle of the train or if I indeed forgot it on the seat (I'd say the former, but being me I can't exclude the latter). Anyway I had everything in it, my credit card, a couple of cash cards, my driving license, ID, other cards and a somewhat big amount of cash (about 400 euros).

When, at home, I realized I didn't have it I immediately blocked the cards as I thought that someone stolen it in that aisle... well... it turned out that someone that didn't even leave enough information to be reached gave it to the police at the central station in Milan and so the very next day I was able to get back all my stuff, including all the cash!

Also given that it took me more than an hour to get it back from the police I suppose that even for just giving it to them that person had to spend some time providing explanations for the official record. Add to this that the train I was in was also half an hour late on the schedule and that the evening was approaching (the train arrived in the central station after 8pm; as you probably understand the central station in Milan is really not the best place to stay in the evening) and you'll probably agree that I've certainly to say a *big* thankyou to who gave me back my stuff.

This world is not so bad after all...