Thursday, March 17, 2005

money isn't that important, probably

I've made a mistake complaining about yesterday; because (as often happens) today it was worse. What is the thing I hate most ? Re-installing windows (in any flavour) for people that are unable to do that but that are able to get the system trashed with viruses, useless bad-written software and you say what. It's true I get paid anyway ... but this sucks.
I wonder if the problem is that my hourly cost is too low ... I would say not, but apparently my boss values money less than I do.


Davide Pasca said...

Wow.. you are taking this blog thing seriously.. going all the way to try to become the next blogging's job-loss victim 8)

6502 said...

Hehehe... may be but I don't understand what I said that's so terrible. I like the company I work for and I do my best to help it. When I'm installing windows (and re-installing, and re-installing again the same machine that gets messed up by viruses or crappy software) I find myself a bit wasted ... but it's probably just overestimation of my abilities.

Davide Pasca said...

It reminds me of something that happened several years ago in Italy. I was working as a programmer and one day my boss hired a friend of mine to do some assistance and network installation. The first time I went with my friend, the second time, it was going to be about drilling holes to install cables etc. Considering that I wasn't going to get any different pay, I decided that for me was definitely better to stay in the office and code.
My friend was a particularly sensitive type and didn't take it very well... ehhhh.
So ? Maybe you should ask for a raise if you have to be doing the shit work 8)