Tuesday, April 05, 2005

two days in the wind of internet

I'm not kidding. The home PC of my boss that I reinstalled from scratch last week is probably already compromised (just my suspect from a few reported symptoms). May be this will cost me the job... but I'm going to refuse to reinstall it again, when it's too much it's too much.

Why can't people sue Microsoft for damages due to design errors (especially when they don't get corrected) ?

Is it really that difficult to make a browser that doesn't give your computer, your money and your daughter to pirates just because you view "malicious" pages ? Can this really be just the consequence of stupidity ?
I've always been on the non-paranoid side... thinking to stupidity instead of a plot; but after reading a few security bulletins I'm starting having doubts. In retrospect is absolutely crystal clear to me that allowing a web page to add a bookmark or change what is the home page of the browser is not something that can happen by mistake of a programmer. It requires work, and a damn stupid deliberate decision.

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