Wednesday, April 13, 2005

i got infected

Yeah, no kidding. And I'm not talking about my computers (they're safe)... I'm talking about my physical body! Recently I've started going to the swimming pool and I kinda like it; after the very early days in which I could barely get to the other side of the pool now I've reached the point in which I can swim for almost as long as I like (not really... but I can do 40 times the swimming pool without stopping, and that is what I normally do in a session).
I'm not a fast swimmer but I also have problems when swimming too slow so I prefer going when the pool isn't too crowded: being like in a traffic jam when swimming is something I really hate. While swimming I think a lot (like when running), but the net result here is that often I forget to count how many times I did the pool and I've to start again.

What I didn't know about swimming pools is this horrible thing of fungus. I've noticed a part of my skin just below my shoulder that changed and that wasn't back to normal after a couple of weeks (so I excluded a temporary irritation). Today I checked the doctor and I've got the bad news. Now I'll have to use a cream for one month to get rid of that uninvited guest.


Davide Pasca said...

I'm here guessing that your fungus has the shape of a Mandelbrot fractal.

Anonymous said...

The infection might not have been from the pool although its very likely. Skin problems are very annoying.

I went to some indoor go-kart racing place here ( was organized by Sony as part of the PSP developers conference ). And we had to wear these racing overalls that felt very itchy to me straight away. Then I had a red rash all over my body for almost 2 weeks!!!!

Very unpleasant experience!!

Davide Pasca said...

There goes your F1 driver career !

Anonymous said...

Get a Mac! :P