Monday, October 10, 2005

i know who i won't vote for

I'm not really into politics; but the last day I almost involuntarily listened to Romano Prodi talking on TV. First of all it was, or it was supposed to be, a popular protest against the financing law and the electoral law but was indeed just a showcase for red flags and an electoral spot for Prodi; almost nothing was said in the specific about the two issues that were supposed to be the reason for the protest.
What it was really shocking for me was however that only one message was clear... they hate Berlusconi and every single thing the current government made: the situation is dramatic and is getting worse every single minute and it's all a fault of the current government. Nothing, literally nothing, was proposed as an alternative. They never said what they would have done if being in charge... Prodi just stopped to the much easier position of "they did it wrong". Is such a pathetic non-program enough to win ? I hope not... I think not.

But this is Italy...


Davide Pasca said...

I don't see what's so special about a politician's speech being empty.
Being popoular and convincing has little to do with saying intelligent things.
Nobody really has any magic wand. It's all about doing things slightly differently.. but people don't want that. People hope in drastic miracolous changes that will improve their lifestyle, despite their culture of neglecting culture 8)

You are probably even factored into the equation of the electoral campaign of Prodi, which probably just aims at keeping the momentum on the negative view of Berlusconi that many have. He's just sacrificing you because, in a democracy, it's quantity of votes that matters, not quality.

6502 said...

It wasn't empty; it was actually full of hate for Berlusconi. The problem is that there was *nothing else* in the speech. I understand that being the representative of a quite varigated union with little common points of view (except the hate for Berlusconi) it's hard to get a convincing program. But apparently they didn't even try.
About getting better a better lifestyle the focus was much more on how miserable is it now (and that's it's all fault of current government) than about what it would have been if they had the control. What shocked me it was that after hearing all the talk the most natural thing I'd have said would have been "ok. But now let's talk about you and what you think you can do"... but after all the talk the TV show simply went off. I only saw the (easy) destructive part, I didn't see any constructive part... and that is what I think is pathetic. To destroy a building you don't need an engineer... an idiot is more than enough.

Oh well... there must be a reason if I never got interested in politics... :D