Sunday, October 23, 2005

dad's back to the hospital

Sometimes life sucks. My dad has been following the diet almost perfectly and indeed the diabet last year looked under much better control. But apparently he had another serious problem and now he's back to the hospital with blood pockets attached to his body. Be nice and do your part, and you'll be run over by a truck anyway.
There must be a reason if they said that the most important thing is being healthy.


Davide Pasca said...

Get well soon !

6502 said...

Now things are better. He's back at home and now he has a full time person dedicated to him. He's even getting back to playing old tricks (like waiting no one is around to eat as much as he can to escape the diet he's supposed to follow).
We'll try to find a refrigerator with a locked door for him :-)

Davide Pasca said...

Good !
And now you can get back to sblogging 8)