Tuesday, January 10, 2006

i want email back

The situation is getting absurd. I had been reported about this problem at work a couple of times but there the email traffic is huge, and some mistake every now and then may be should be expected. But my email traffic is ridiculous, and yet last night I got once again two private email bounced because of antispam and for reasons that make no sense.
Why does the world allow to idiots like (just for example) hotmail sys admins to throw away legitimate mail ? Why are idiots like them destroying the usefulness of the email service and no one is doing anything to try to save it ?
This makes me think that to make real progress IT is going to need to abandon the barbarian state that currently it lives in, to enter a social state. A condition where if you do a mistake you pay.
If a plumber even *unintentionally* does a mess with your bath tub and you get your carpet wet you can sue him to get a refund; but if an idiot but self-declared IT expert destroys your email *intentionally* the only thing you can do is moving to another provider so *may be* you'll be able from there to get your email through.
Freedom is something different.

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Anonymous said...

And every time you have a bug in your code your boss charges you for the time that was lost while you were fixing it.