Tuesday, August 02, 2005

my school is dead :(

While doing some research for increasing the force of our software department I contacted a few local schools, including the one I got my high school diploma from. At the time that school was very famous and students were coming from distant. I for example was coming from more than 100Km, but there were people coming even from further. In my opinion was a very nice school, with good teachers (oh, well, many of them were good, I mean ;-) ) and good labs; the location is also very nice.
From the lists I got however looks like that in last ten years it lost all of his special qualities, or at least lost all of the students, as the only (few) ones are from very near locations. Probably that is the consequence of the opening of a lot of other schools and of the decision of the parents that traveling shorter is much more important than getting good teachers and good labs.


Davide Pasca said...

Could it be that 20 years down the road, perhaps your school has naturally lost its prestige ?
Lots of things change in 20 years, especially in the field of technology.
Perhaps before there was a question of going to a school that has more than one computer every N students, but now... what's a good lab ? Students probably have better computers at home 8)

..though.. I'm a bit curious to know how things have changed into the schools.. especially mine.. of course for an affactive value. So, maybe I can understand your disappointment.

Davide Pasca said...
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