Thursday, July 21, 2005

huh.... looks like i got older

All of a sudden I feel very old deep inside. I have all those little pains, I can't sleep well, I forget things. I can't see anything clear without my glasses.
May be this is how one should feel when turning 39 :-). Bah. Sometimes it sucks getting older, but the alternative doesn't look that interesting either.
I started wondering if I'll ever run the New York marathon or not; now I always feel a pain on the side of my left knee after running a few miles.
But something that really made me feeling older was chat I had with a friend. It all started with a discussion about the new electronic piano I bought (an entry-level one, for about 1000 euros; I'm still terrible at the piano and I probably forever will, a 7000 euros piano wouldn't change that) and on how crappy it is (like how crappy is my computer, my graphic card, my shoes, my chair, Chopin and basically my whole life) and right after that I happened to get a chat message that wasn't meant for me... followed by a rather shocking "whoops... oh well, take a look you too... it could help".
The mistyped message was a link to someone that makes strange noises and burns CDs to sell them. I suppose that's meant to be music but I cannot avoid to compare what Chopin (forced to use more or less just twelve frequencies on a percussion instrument) was able to do compared to what that guy can do now with the total exact control of the waveform. The total control in those hands just produced crap. Stinking distilled crap. *THAT* made me feeling older. I'm sure that "music" will be forgot at the speed of light even from the relatives of the author.

Probably what my grandpa thought about rock.

I also felt offended. Really truly offended. Offended only like a very old person can get. I'm not going to get over it without excuses. I'd say this is also a sign I'm old... but indeed I used to get offended easily even when I was a youngster.


Davide Pasca said...

Man.. we got old waiting for an update here !

Jokes aside.. 8)
How is your friend not a friend anymore ? It's not quite clear if you think that you got the wrong link as he was trying to mock you with somebody else, or if you felt mocked because he told you that you may learn something from the other link.
The story doesn't seem an entirely new one ;) ..something similar happened before, but in that case no offense was meant (you are right, you are quick at getting offended !).

In any case, while I'm not as old as you (eheh !), I find that it's easy to have different taste from newer generations. However I think that there is something to learn from new things. It could be matter of an acquired taste. Surely lots of popular music is targeted to people with little brain, trying to make make it smaller. Still there could be some gold even in shit.
Plus there are modern groups or individuals that can do pretty interesting music.
I personally like trance music, but even there one could probably listen an hour of boring bullshit.. it's a bit like when one tells someone that computers can be fun.. sometimes it takes some real effort to get the good stuff out of a generalization.

Old is who old wants to be. Nobody is stopping anybody from trying to appreciate new things.. it's your choice. I'm sure that there is some good to listen to in 2005... and if someone likes something that truly sounds like shit.. then maybe it's an acquired taste, maybe it's good in some context, maybe it's hopeless shit.. maybe a mix of all three. The important thing is to try to be balanced and try to accept what you instinctively reject. a final note, let me remind you that I'm almost 33 and I still don't eat most vegetables, while I truly hate things like pickles.. ..well I guess with food it's different 8)

6502 said...

Yeah... very long time. Actually I'm spending a lot of time playing piano in these days. I should also start my chess preparation for the september turney.

Anyway I know the message was not for me because I was told so. And no... it wasn't like the back stab I felt with you; the only analogy is me reading unintentionally something that I wasn't supposed to read.

Anyway 33 is a lot :-) ... draw three squares on a white page: that's your life. Now fill the first square with black; that's the part you already spent.
And this is a game in which there's no "continue" ... just one quarter... whatever you do you do. After that, game over :-)

May be it's chopin that makes my view of the life so bright ? Better switching to edgar alan poe ... hehehe

Anonymous said...

"I'm not going to get over it without excuses" wow, that's such a statement! What brand is your aftershave? Denim, for the man who doesn't have to try too hard?
Come ooon! :)

Davide Pasca said...

ehhhhhh.. I never backstabbed you.
I was very pissed because you got upset at me by losing some games of Tekken.. which really isn't a good reason to be upset to start with.
Secondly, you pretended to be someone (which incidentally sounded like another friend of mine) and, because I had to humanly vent out my temporary anger, I came up with a rather common, non-vulgar expression for you. Something that could be easily taken with a laughter.

In friendship, people should trust each other as that the actual intentions are good.. How should one feel to see a friend getting pissed at him for beating him at a game of Tekken ?!
To this day I have other friends that form time to time get me upset. When I can, I tell them off, and generally I report the thing to other friends and parents.. it's only natural to vent out, express one's concerns, talk about it.
To call that backstabbing it's a problem.. it means that you don't just take certain things too seriously, but rather you take them wrong all the way.
It's important to understand the meaning of words put behind by those that spell them. Honor that meaning or else live in your own world.. where you may as well build fictional people around you, since in your eyes, even the real people can't be individuals with own intentions.

Now that Mr.Gotecki is intervening, I'm almost sure that was him the one pushing the "funny" music. In that case I must say that I feel a bit closer to you as I know that Gotecki is a very strongly opinioned person (read: has a lot to complain about others, while thinking that his stuff is the top 8).
This however shouldn't push you to be negative onto yourself... to generalize things and push you one step further into the stupid hole that tells you: "me old, youngsters are tasteless punks".

Lastly, keep in mind that nobody will ever fully understand you (or me for that matter) and care for others as much as cares for himself/herself. Family is the closest it gets.. friends are always to be taken with some room for problems in mind.

Anonymous said...


Davide Pasca said...

What ? No dollar sign ?!

6502 said...


we've very different views of what happened that night of about 10 years ago... but this is not the place for such a discussion.

Nothing similar to that (luckily) happened the other night.

Davide Pasca said...

I guess all I wrote meant nothing after all 8)
You are free to go on with your beliefs.. with your feeling old and crying out.
All I've ever done to you was to define you was Mr.I-know-it-all (term I only used once). ..which incidentally you are somewhat proving right, as you keep going on with your philosophy of holding onto your view of other people's intentions and taste.
I suggest more flexibility but it's ultimately your choice.

6502 said...

The power of selective memory always impressed me.

Davide Pasca said...

By your own admission, it's you that is getting old and losing memory ;)

Anonymous said...

It has been scientifically proven that you stay young by running marathons and drinking beer.